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Our Hydroponic Farm near Lake Winola

Hydroponic Meets Traditional

At Purple Pepper Farms, we blend cutting-edge hydroponic techniques with time-honored traditional farming methods to cultivate a diverse range of all-natural, locally grown delights in Wyoming County PA! From crisp, nutrient-rich greens to luscious, field-fresh favorites, our produce showcases the perfect harmony of innovation and tradition. Explore the freshness, savor the quality, and join us in supporting sustainable agriculture. Your plate deserves the very best!


Fresh & Local

Farm to Table


What We Offer

Fresh Produce

Our homegrown fresh produce is picked at the peak of freshness for you and your family to enjoy.

Experience the rich flavors of your freshly harvested food and knowing it was harvested less than 24 hours before!

Membership Packages

Refresh Your Fridge & Table Weekly with our Membership Packages! Pick plans for fruit, veggies, flowers, and even pumpkins!
Hanging Baskets & Potted Plants Included!
Pay ONE price & pick up weekly!

Dressings & Sauces

Dress up your dishes with our artisanal dressings and sauces, crafted for a burst of flavor in every bite. Elevate your culinary experience with Purple Pepper Farms’ delicious and versatile condiments. BUY ONLINE NOW!

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