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Why Should You Become a Member in Purple Pepper Farms?

Fruits and Vegetables are picked daily!

  • Every growing season will have its challenges. Mother Nature throws us curveballs and we just have to do our very best to combat them. The one thing we can promise are high quality fruit & vegetables picked at their peak for you and your family to enjoy.

Better Flavor!

  • Experience the rich flavors of your freshly harvested food and knowing it was harvested less than 24 hours before it reached your door. Taste it now! Perfect juicy red tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers and super sweet melons.

Safer Food

  • Your produce comes directly from our farm and other local trusted farms. Partnerships that we have formed over the years. That alone takes the risk of your food getting damaged or spoiled due to long-distance shipping. We also take great pride in picking, storing and transporting our produce in a clean, sanitary environment.



Save Time and Money

  • By purchasing one of our memberships, you will save time and money. Your money goes directly to our family farm instead of paying distributors and trucking companies, which means it stays in your local economy.
  • Your pick up is at one of our participating farm stands. Bring your bag and choose anything we have available for sale. As an example- Don’t like beets? No problem, take more sweet corn or something else. Love beets? Take what you enjoy!
  • Our CSA weekly average cost is $35.00 or about $2/lb. A tremendous value for a relationship with your food and farmer.
  • No set Pick-Up Date or Time! Your schedule is already busy enough. Really, we understand too! Let’s make it easy on both of us! Pick-up anytime after 11am, Wednesday-Saturday. If those days don’t work, just let us know. We can always make something work!

We like our customer’s suggestions! If there’s a  fruit or vegetable you’d like for us to grow or locally source, simply add your suggestion with your paid contract. If it grows in our zone, we will be happy to consider it.

Our Membership Packages

Prime Season Fruit & Vegetable Membership

$495, 14 weeks (Weekly Credit of up to $45/week)

Week of July 10 to Week of October 9

Flower & Plant Membership

$240, 6 weeks (Weekly Credit of up to $50/week)

Week of May 29th to Week of July 3rd

Plants and Flower Variety changes weekly. Also something new!

Just like the produce, you pick the plants and flowers you’d like.

Hanging Baskets & Herbs are included. Any early produce available is also included in the weekly credit.

Pumpkin & Fall Produce Membership
*NEW for 2024*

$240, 6 weeks (Weekly Credit of up to $50/week)

Week of September 25th to Week of October 31st

Every type of Pumpkin, Winter Squash, and fall ornamentals included. Pick what you’d like!

Any produce still available is also included in the weekly credit.

December Holiday Package
*NEW for 2024*

$200 ($240 Credit to use one time)

Homemade wreaths, swag, knockers, trees, and any other designs we have,

Available Starting December 1st, 2024. Last date December 14th

Pre- Ordered Pasture Raised Pork

Offering Whole or Half. $3.45/lb, “on the hang”

Processed by La Plume Butcher (Travato’s Market). This is also the location of pick-up.

Harvest Dates are typically in late summer & early fall

Additional Processing Fees for butchering will be incurred. (Typically $60-$80)

Non-Refundable of Deposit of $200 down required. Final payment due at harvest.

The Monthly Package

*NEW for 2024*

Any months you’d like (June, July, August, September, or October)

$160, includes four pick-ups (once per week)

Credit of up to $50 each pick-up.