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How It Started

Purple Pepper Farms

Our History

Purple Pepper Farms was founded as a vertical hydroponic and diversified produce operation located in Lake Winola near Scranton, Pa. In 2012, we started the farm to include the production of vegetables, fruit, and a greenhouse business. In 2016, we opened a deli in Scranton to feature products we were growing, as well as, additional income through winter months. In early 2017, we began to raise heritage breed pigs, along with maple syrup productions, as a commitment to continuing to strive for a diverse farm ecosystem. In 2019, we expanded our operations into permitted hemp for extraction of cannabinoids. In 2020 and 2021,  our focus was to build on what we have instilled, while reaching to a large community in Northeastern PA. In 2023, we sold the deli and removed hemp production from our portfolio. We reached our goals by concentrating our focus on the core of our business; CSA memberships, roadside stands, large pumpkin and ornamental sales, and catering events.  For 2024, we plan to build upon the last two years, as well as focus our original interests on new and specialty items not often found or grown, on other local farms. Previously known as a CSA, we are proud to be offering shares in our Farm Memership for this season. I feel that it’s important to sell directly to our customers as much as possible and to insure proper handling of the best quality product for your family to enjoy. Each year, we promise to learn and challenge ourselves to make our customer experience more enjoyable. We thank our members for their continued support and look forward to a successful year!

Direct to Consumer

From our farm stands to our bottled sauces, dressings, and canned veggies. We offer a Purple Pepper Product line that is loved nationwide!

Farm Stands

With 4 regional farm stands, we offer products with easy pick up to our customers.

Community Support Agriculture (CSA)

Often called cropsharing, CSA is a system that connects producers and consumers within the food system closer by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of the farm.